Cleaning and Shot Blast

The entire shaft shall be cleaned and shot blasted substrate to remove all oils, surface contaminants, rust and scale 3 mil anchor pattern to increase coating adhesion in accordance with ASTM STD Paint specification.

Powder Coating (All Warranties)

The exterior surface shall be electrostatically powder coated with a high density polyester material and cured in a convection oven no less than 400 degrees. This finishing process provides excellent corrosion and scratch resistance.

Internal Coating (Enhanced Warranty)

The internal surface shall be powder coated 18 inches from the base section. And the entire exterior shaft shall be epoxy prime painted prior to powder coat finishing. This finishing process provides a superior corrosion resistance in most areas.

Powder Coating over Hot Dipped Galvanize (Duplex System)

The entire metal shaft shall undergo a 3 part cleaning process then hot-dipped galvanized, the galvanizing protects the steel with cathodic and barrier protection preventing the development of iron oxide under the powder coating system. The powder coating in turn gives a barrier of protection to the galvanized coating by isolating it from the corrosive attach and chlorides and sulfides in the atmosphere. Powder coating significantly extends the service life of the galvanized steel.


The entire lighting standard shall be wrapped in a protective material to protect the coating during the shipping and handling process.