RTS 35-40' - Round Tapered Steel Series - 11 GA (.120 Standard Wall)

Product Details

Shaft: Commercial-quality, hot-rolled, carbon steel tubing with a minimum yield strength of 55,000 PSI, conforms to ASTM A-595 grade A. Uniform wall thickness of 11-Gauge (.120) or 7-Gauge (.180). Shafts have uniform taper of approximately .14″ per foot.

Anchor Base: Fabricated from hot-rolled carbon steel plate conforming to ASTM A36 meets or exceeds minimum yield strength of 36,000 PSI. All welds shall conform to AWS D1.1. Base plate and shaft are circumferentially welded top and bottom.

Anchor Bolts: Fabricated from hot-rolled carbon steel bar with minimum yield strength of 55,000 PSI. Bolts are fully galvanized and conform to ASTM-F1554 A55. Each bolt is furnished with two hex nuts and two flat washers.

Base Bolt Cover: Two-piece standard full base cover is fabricated from heavy gauge quality carbon steel and pretreated with corrosion inhibitors. Provided with S304 stainless steel hardware. Spun and casted aluminum covers are available.

Grounding: Provision; 3/8-16 Threaded stud welded to inner shaft wall opposite hand hole. Flat washer and hex nut provided.

Hand Hole: Reinforced 2″ X 4″ hand hole is located 18″ above base. Cover and attachment hardware provided.

Hardware: S304 stainless steel

Top Cap: Removable top cap provided with drill-mount poles.

Finish: TGIC thermoset polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied at a 3.0 mil nominal thickness. A five stage metal pretreatment process and sealer provide maximum corrosion resistance. The powder top coat is baked in excess of 400 degrees for supreme endurance.